"We will bend, but we shall not break."

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Documentary by filmmaker Kevin Pina looks inside the story about the People of Haiti that is not shown by the corporate media.

"We will bend, but we shall not break" covers the second election of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and the popular movement of the poor majority known as Lavalas. It includes excerpts of huge political rallies for Lavalas including one in the National Theater with Annette Auguste who was recently arrested after a violent attack on her home by U.S. Marines. It also includes the voices of the poor and their leaders who are now in hiding or exile since the February 29th forced ouster of Aristide. These leaders include Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine of the September 30th Foundation, a victims rights organization, who is now in forced exile in the United States. Paul Raymond of the the Little Community Church Movement (TKL)founded in Aristide's former parish of St. Jean Bosco in the slum of La Saline, and Rene Civil of the Popular Youth Power (JPP), a protestant student movement based in the slum of Bel Air. Here the voices that are currently being repressed in Haiti today. Understand why the U.S. felt threatened by the movement and power of Lavalas that continues to represent the interests of Haiti's poor majority.

Edited: October 2003

Running time: 22 minutes

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