June 20, 2005
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The kids are all from Deir Ibzi'a . Two were taken during the summer camp. The watermelon girls were just staffing a road side stand. (Come to think of it, Jim Harris took that one so give him a photo credit.)

The great one of the boy with the flag and the two boys holding hands in the foreground is during the march to the wall in Anin. It should go with the report "Demonstration at Anin". The caption could be, "Marching to the Annexation Wall minutes before the IOF opens fire with rubber bullets, tear gas and sound bombs on the unarmed group of children, villagers and internationals." (Long but true.)

The roadblock removal one goes with the report "Roadblocks - Saturday, July 26" You could entitle it "Internationals working to remove roadblock connecting Jenin to its eastern villages."

Did I send you anything else?

Mostly I did slide and film so I really didn't have much in the way of digital. This year, I think I just want to go digital.

So I'm looking for a camera with price range $200 - $300. I want it to be fast reacting and be able to grab the card or whatever out of it quickly in case it gets confiscated. I also need to be able to download simply, hopefully with a usb port. Any recommendations?

Also, is there a way for me to download my pictures directly to the pnvrc web site?


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