Mass and Demonstration in the streets of Brooklyn
September 30, 2005
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Mass and Demonstration in the streets of Brooklyn to honor those who have been killed in Haiti's last 2 U.S.-backed coup d'États

Saturday - October 1st 2005

Press Release For Immediate Release

Contact: Dahoud Andre, 718-848-0303
Gladys Philpotts, 516-489-4365

Patizan Jezikri and the Committee Against Genocide in Haiti invite everyone to join us to help us commemorate September 30th 1991. It was on this date that the United States Government and its hired thugs carried out an assasination of democracy in Haiti. They staged a military coup d'etat against Haiti's first democratically elected Government which was followed by a bloodbath of at least 5,000 Haitians.

We call on one and all to come out on Saturday October 1st in honor of all of the victims of the September 30th 1991 coup and all of the victims of the current genocide happening before the eyes of the entire world since the coup and occupation of Feburary 29th 2004.

At 9am on Saturday October 1st, Patizan Jezikri will hold a mass in honor of the victims at Holy Innocent located at Beverly Road and East 17th Street in Brooklyn.

Following the mass, from 11am to 3pm, the Committee Against Genocide in Haiti will have a demonstration march through the streets of Brooklyn with large posters of some the victims of the current slaughter. From Holy Innocent Church, we will march on Beverly Rd. toward Flatbush Ave.; we will turn left on Flatbush Ave. and march toward Church Ave.; we will turn right on Church Ave. and march toward Nostrand Ave.; and we will march down Nostrand Ave. to rally at Nostrand and Foster Aves.

Down with the planned sham elections meant to cleanse the crime of the coup and the genocide! Long Live the Resistance of the Haitian People! Long Live Popular Democracy!

Rezistans Dan Fè jouk sa kaba!

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