April 5th Coalition - Public Transportation    April 5 2003
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Bus and BART
to the March and Rally

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BART Train Info

To Mosswood Park

Exit MacArthur station - walk 4 blocks west to Mosswood Park or you can transfer to
AC bus #57 to get to Mosswood.

To Frank Ogawa Plaza

Use the 12th St. station - exit at north end (14th and Broadway exit).

If you are coming to the rally by BART please try and purchase your tickets on the day or two before the rally -since long lines at BART ticket machines are expected April 5th. Also if you have a group - you can purchase a large number of BART tickets ahead of time at BART group sales. Call BART group sales at (510) 464-6106 if you want more information.

AC Transit Bus Info

To get to Mosswood Park

  • 51* southbound - from University Ave., downtown Berkeley / U.C. campus/ College Ave./ Rockridge.*
  • 40 southbound - from downtown Berkeley /U.C. /Telegraph Ave. (get off at Telegraph and Macarthur, walk 3 blocks east on Macarthur)
  • 57* westbound - from near east Oakland / Diamond district/ Grand-Lake via Macarthur Blvd.*
  • 40/43 westbound - from East Oakland / downtown via Foothill/Telegraph
    (get off at Telegraph and Macarthur, walk 3 blocks )
  • 51* northbound - from Alameda / downtown Oakland on Broadway*
  • 57/6* eastbound - from Emeryville, Northwest Oakland via 40th St. , stops at mac Arthur BART station *
    * stops directly across from Mosswood park

To get to/from rally site at Frank Ogawa Plaza (14th and Broadway)
from East Oakland/Alameda:

  • 40/43 westbound - from East Oakland via Foothill
  • 51 northbound - from Alameda/ Chinatown
  • 82 westbound - from East Oakland via International Blvd.
  • 12 from Alameda
  • 15 from Montclair/Diamond Park via Park Blvd.

from North and West Oakland/ Berkeley/Albany/Richmond:

  • 72/73 southbound -from Richmond/Albany/ West Berkeley/ N. Oakland via San Pablo Ave.
  • 88 southbound - from Berkeley/ North Oakland via Sacramento / Market St.
  • 15 southbound - from downtown Berkeley/ N. Oakland via MLK
  • 51 east/ southbound - from West Berkeley/ UC via College Ave/ Broadway
  • 82 - eastbound from West Oakland via 7th St
  • 40/43 southbound - from downtown Berkeley /UC, north Oakland via Shattuck -Telegraph Ave.