Haiti: The Betrayal of Democracy
Kevin Pina in Southern California this week
February 15, 2005
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Haiti: The Betrayal of Democracy - Kevin Pina in Southern California this week

February 16 - 19

Pina's complete Los Angeles
tour events:

Southern California Black History Month:

Come see award winning journalist and filmmaker, Kevin Pina, speak and show clips from his new documentary-in-progress, "Haiti: The Betrayal of Democracy". Pina broke the story of the kidnapping and coup of Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in February of 2004 by U.S. Marines.

Feb 16th - Long Beach, CA
California State University of Long Beach
University Student Union. Beach Auditorium (1st Floor)
Kevin Pina & Dr. Reiland Rabaka (giving an introduction and short history of Haiti)
Suggested donation is $5. 6pm

Feb 17th - Venice, CA
Venice United Methodist Church
Cordell Hall. 1020 Victoria Av. (at Lincoln)
Kevin Pina, Robey Theatre Director Ben Guillory & Reggae Poet Activist Hendy Foote
Suggested donation is $5-10. 6:30pm
Drinks & snacks provided. More info: (310) 455-2688.

Feb 18th - Beverly Hills, CA - Protest at Brazilian Consulate
8484 Willshire Blvd. Suite 730/711
U.S. & Brazil out of Haiti!
Protest the involvement of the Brazilian government in aiding the U.S. backed military junta in Haiti. 10am-5pm. More info: (323) 464-1636 or (562) 714-2976.

Feb 18th - Hollywood, CA
ANSWER-LA Meeting Place
Argyle Ave, Suite 410, LA 90028
Black History Month Forum on Haiti: with Kevin Pina
and KPFK radio host, Margaret Prescod (returning from the World Social Forum in Brazil.)
Free parking, food & drinks provided. 7:30pm. More info: (323) 464-1636. www.answerla.org

Feb 19th - Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles International Action Center Conference
5274 W. Pico Ave.
"The Malcom X & Martin Luther King Anti War Conference"
with Pierre LaBossiere, Clarence Thomas(ILW), Kevin Pina & more. 10am-4pm
More info: www.iacenterla.org.

About Kevin Pina's Haiti Speaking Tour

Kevin Pina produced his first documentary, "Haiti: Harvest of Hope," while making his home in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti for the past five years.

Risking his life, filming in the line of fire, he is compiling his second film, "Haiti: The Betrayal of Democracy," which he brings to L.A. during Black History Month. Pina is an editor for the Haiti Information Project (HIP), an alternative news agency in Port-Au-Prince, which is featured at haitiaction.net. He is also an Associate Editor for the Black Commentator online magazine and a Haiti Special Correspondent for Flashpoints Radio. Pina provided eye-witness accounts for the recent book by Amy Goodman, Paul Farmer, and Noam Chomsky "Doing Haiti Right This Time". He will discuss his experience in Haiti, the ongoing situation in Haiti, and show new footage.

For more information or to add your group as a sponsor contact Jeb at jsprague@csulb.edu or (562) 714-2976. Also visit the CSULB Campus Progressive Website at http://www.csulb.edu/org/csulbcp/ For morecurrent information about Haiti see www.haitiaction.net

For more reading on Haiti: Amy Goodman/Noam Chomsky's "Getting Haiti Right This Time: The U.S. and the Coup", Paul Farmer's "The Uses of Haiti", and C.L.R. James' 1938 classic, "The Black Jacobins: Toussaint L'Ouverture and the San Domingo Revolution". Sponsored by: CSULB Campus Progressives, Los Angeles International Action Center, Los Angeles Answer Coalition, La Raza, Topanga Peace Alliance, CSULB History Student Association, Haiti Action Committee, Haiti Information Project, CSULB Muslim Student Association, CSULB Department of Black Studies, Robey Theatre Company + more sponsors welcome.