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AHP News March 4, 2004
English translation (Unofficial)

Haiti After Aristide: divisions come out in the open among the opposition

Port-au-Prince, March 4, 2004 -(AHP)- Former colonel Himmler Rébu criticized Wednesday the behavior of the democratic platform who still can't present a plan of action to reestablish order in the country.

According to Himmler Rébu, the platform failed totally in regards to Haiti because it had enough time, he said, to prepare a well-coordinated program to facilitate the transition. Mr. Rébu declared that the opposition platform only wanted to get rid of President Jean Bertrand Aristide in order to control the country afterwards by having key positions in the public administration.

"Members of the platform are ready to take over the power even if they have to sink deep in the mud to get it, he declared. He accused them of making unwholesome alliances notably with members of Guy Philippe's front, who remains, he said, an illegal force.

He underlined that most victims of the movement will be front members since the platform will throw them away like dirty paper, after they are through with their dirty work. Himmler Rébu considers that the presence of American soldiers on the national land will not help solving Haiti's problems. This job must be done by Haitians, he said.

He advocated open negotiations between valid and neutral personalities of the country and provisional president Boniface Alexandre to unblock the situation.

M. Rébu is in favor of returning to the constitution to form a credible electoral council with the participation of all sectors of the country.

Himler Rébu, author of an attempt of a coup d'état against General Prosper Avril in 1989 says he expects daily demonstrations by Lavalas supporters in many regions of the country and the death of foreign soldiers in their attempt to reestablish peace in the country.

Another opposition leader, René Julien, declared that we are seeing a frantic struggle for the power today. we must be vigilant in order not to fall into a situation much more catastrophic than before, he warned, and he added that there can be things much worse than Aristide.

Thousands of supporters of Aristide demonstrate in Port-au-Prince:
2 of them are wounded

Port-au-Prince, March 4 2004 -(AHP)-Many thousands of Lavalas supporters demonstrated this Wednesday in Port-au-Prince to demand the return of President Aristide to the power.

The demonstration began in the popular neighborhood Bel-Air, went through many street downtown and ended in front of the presidential palace. The demonstrators denounced what they call the Head of State's kidnapping and demand some explanation on the circumstances of his departure from the country Sunday.

Two demonstrators were shot and wounded during the march.

OP members wondered why there never are coups d'état in Europe, while in America, where the greatest world power is (the United States), coups d'état are a common thing.

Provisional President Boniface Alexandre, who took the oath Sunday, should begin his job this Thursday in the National Palace. Boniface Alexandre announced Wednesday the designation of a new chief of police, Mr. Léon Charles.

This news comes at a time when the country is facing a more an more worrying insecurity situation. New scenes of plundering were seen this Wednesday in the capital.

According to trustworthy sources, businessmen, members of the Group of 184 who suffered great losses, would have discussed with the president of the group, André Apaid, about the possibility to get compensation.

Meanwhile, former military Guy Philippe, who had proclaimed himself leader of the armed forces of the country the day before, declared Wednesday that he had put down the arms after a meeting with an American military leader. We ignore what guarantees or promises were given to Mr. Philippe and his men, who were called rabbles by American authorities.

***Students complain about the way things are turning in Haiti. A student member of the university committee for the crisis, Jean Louis Anthony, considers that everyone is losing: students, political men and "chimè". According to him, foreigners are putting their own plan in application. "They used the post-electoral crisis issue to occupy Haiti once again, he declared. He also denounced the attempts to reinstall the army of Haiti.

Yvon Neptune denounces the acts of vandalism and plundering committed since President Aristide is not at the power

Port-au-Prince, March 4 2004 -(AHP) Prime Minister Yvon Neptune denounced Wednesday the acts of violence and plundering perpetrated by armed men who have been terrorizing the population since President Aristide is not at the power anymore.

He also denounced the people who tried to attack him, Mr. Neptune's house was plundered Sunday.

The cost of damage caused to State's goods and to private houses is of 300 million dollars without counting acts of vandalism committed in the North, the Artibonite and in Cayes.

The climate maintained by people who prevent members of his government to go back to work before giving the power to a new team.

It wasn't a gang leader who put me as Prime Minister, but it was President Aristide, Yvon Neptune declared.

Yvon Neptune called to resume activities, declaring that a ad hoc cell had been formed to assure security. He asked state employees to go back to work. He confirmed that the government had named his representative for the tripartite commission.