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About HaitiAction.net

The Haiti Action Committee Message Board is hosted by World Crossing.

That means BANNER ADS and registration to World Crossing to participate. For now, you can view the discussion as a "Guest," without registration.

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We're initiating the Message Board here until we make the financial and time commitment to host our own.

One of the benefits here is that you can mask your eMail address from almost everyone while engaging anyone in a phrenic discussion.

While you can actually use an alias for the member name--i.e. "Yoda" instead of "Thorstein Veblen" to make eMail address shorter--we're requesting that your actual name, at least, appears on the "Second line of information:" in your World Crossing Preferences. As long as we can maintain lively and informative dialogue, then we'll retain this minimum level of authentication.

If you really dislike (this is a "Hate Free Zone") the banner ads, then provide HAC with a generous grant so that we can move the Message Board to a location that we own.