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Andrè Apaid

Maxine Waters:

Congresswoman Waters condemns violence in Haiti - Feb 11- Calls for State Department to support the democratically-elected government of Haiti and denounce Andrè Apaid

Time for United States to get tough with Andre Apaid and the opposition in Haiti. Haiti's opposition will just have to participate in elections like every other opposition in every other country.

Ira Kurzban:

Haitian Legal Counsel Calls for US Investigation While Opposition Defies Calls for Peace - The General Counsel for the Government of Haiti in the United States, held a press conference to denounce the opposition's calls for more violence and to raise questions about the legitimacy of some opposition leaders. "Public encouragement of more violence flies in the face of common decency and morality and is a direct challenge to the calls by foreign leaders to end violence and renew efforts to reach a negotiated settlement," exclaimed Kurzban.

Ezili Danto:

Apaid is not a Haitian citizen. All Haitians are not thugs - In this essay, dated February 14, 2004, responding to a certain "Pierre Jean", an obvious supporter of the opposition and its constant hammering of Aristide's ties and association with "chimeres" and "thugs," Ezili Danto responds that this thinly veiled criminalization of all supporters of Aristide is analogous to the criminalization of all young Black males in the U.S. and that Haitians will not tolerate the exportation of this racist policy to Haiti by U.S. policymakers and their U.S/Euro-supported opposition groups in Haiti. Ezili Danto also points to the legal basis why opposition leader, Andre Apaid, Jr., does not even qualify to hold an elected office in Haiti.