President Aristide's message to Fanmi Lavalas
October 20, 2005
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President Aristide's
message to Fanmi Lavalas

Yon sèl randevou: randevou bò tab la


Dr. Maryse Narcisse

President Jean-Bertrand Aristide's spokesperson

October 20, 2005

Dr. Maryse Narcisse just came back from a trip to South Africa where she consulted with President Jean-Bertrand Aristide on the future of the political organization Fanmi Lavalas, and current events in Haiti. The President's spokesperson is pleased to transmit President Aristide's message to the people of Haiti and particularly to members and supporters of the political organization Fanmi Lavalas.

His Excellency Jean-Bertrand Aristide, President of the Republic of Haiti and National Representative of the Political Organization Fanmi Lavalas is sending his well wishes and a special salute to the people of Haiti who are going through some very difficult time. To the members and supporters of Fanmi Lavalas a fraternal embrace.

Dr Narcisse is pleased to inform the public that President Aristide and his family are doing well. The People and the Government of South Africa consider them Africa's son and daughters. But the President's spirit has not forgotten his home. President Aristide and his wife are teaching and conducting research studies on African Renaissance at the University of South Africa (UNISA).

Dr Narcisse takes this opportunity to denounce the attempt by some politicians to mislead the Haitian people by lying and spreading false rumors on President Aristide's position regarding the elections. Dr Narcisse also states that any claim that President Aristide sent letters, audio messages or met with representatives of any candidate looking for support in the elections-by-selection that the unconstitutional government is trying to organize is false.

The spokesperson wants to reiterate that President Aristide's statements in regard to elections have been clear and consistent. Quoting from his messages:

" In 1994, who could have expected free, fair and democratic elections in South Africa with Nelson Mandela, Govan Mbeki, Oliver Tambo and other leaders and members of the African National Congress in jail, exile or in hiding?

Today in 2005, who could have expected free, fair and democratic elections in Haiti with thousands of Lavalas members and supporters in jail, exile and hiding?

In Haiti, in order to have elections and not a "selection", the following steps must be taken:

1. The thousands of Lavalas who are in jail and in exile must be free to return home.

2. The repression that has already killed over 10,000 people must end immediately.

3. Then, there must be national dialogue.

Dialogue leading to peace through the restoration of constitutional order - this is the will of the Haitian people. After 200 years of independence it is clear that from this dialogue will emerge a new Haiti. "

President Aristide asks every member of Fanmi Lavalas to ponder over the following statement found on the first page of the Organization's Chart and Statutes.

" A Lavalas is a patriot,

A good Lavalas is a good patriot

Unity is strength, this is Lavalas".

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