Thousands march in Haiti to support Aristide

January 9, 2013
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After the demontrators received the announcement at the courthouse they marched for miles from Boulevard La Saline to Aristide's house in Tabarre.               photo: ©2013   

Thousands march in Haiti to support Aristide - Port au Prince, Haiti - Fanmi Lavalas leader Rene Civil organized a mobilization of Fanmi Lavalas activists to the streets of Port au Prince today, as this photo shows a potion of that demonstration. He have many images of the demonstration at the courthouse and through the streets afterwards. The demonstration has moved miles away to outside Jean Bertrand Aristide's house in Tabarre.

Aristide answered questions from prosecutor Lucmane Delille interviewed the former president at his residence instead of the courthouse out of reasonable security concerns. Aristide was represented by attorney Mario Joseph will be collecting information about the images and the demonstrations soon and will post that article here.

At 5PM PST Haiti News Analyst, Kevin Pina will give the afternoon update of the situation on KPFA Flashpoints Radio broadcast which can be streamed live on the Internet. choose the "Listen Live" link on the upper right of their web page.

After hearing from both sides of this civil dispute the case can either be dismissed or assigned to a judge who will then decide if they will file formal charges.

Most of the demonstrators believe that the case has nothing to do with a civil dispute and feel that the government simply wishes to create a political spectacle to deflect international interest away from elections in Haiti where Fanmi Lavalas has been effectively excluded since the Coup d'État of 2004.


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The Rara Bands are a vital component of the pro-democracy demonstrations in Haiti. Each band is usually organized around a community and the leaders (maestro) are usually pressed for other concerns of benevolence for that community. The readership has been quite generous in the past with their donations to Haiti through this news website; coming up with the resources to re-equip these musicians and their community will be a relatively simple goal.

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