Action Alert: Stop the new wave of
 Violent Repression
                              Oct 4 2004



Stop the new wave of
Violent Repression

Emergency Action Alert

October 4, 2004

A massive, violent upsurge in repression has occured in Haiti during the past four days, aimed at silencing the Lavalas movement and supporters of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in Haiti. On Thursday September 30, Haitian police fired upon thousands of unarmed demonstrators who called for the return of constitutional order. On Saturday, police surrounded a private radio station where three leading Lavalas parliamentarians had denounced the violence on the air. After a six hour standoff police stormed the building and arrested them without warrant. Dozens of other Lavalas activists have been illegally arrested in the past few days, and the police have conducted raids on the populous neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince, which are the backbone of the Lavalas movement. Bel Air (located in the center of the city) is under virtual siege.

The Human Rights Alert from the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti provides further details.

We urge you to call, fax, and write the US
and UN officials listed below.

Demand that they stop this wave of violent repression
and protect the rights of Haitian citizens.

FAX OR CALL Ambassador James Foley

and UN Officials in Haiti!

U.S. Ambassador to Haiti: James B. Foley

  • PHONE: 011.222.0200 OR 011.222.0354
  • FAX: 011.509.223-9038 OR 011.509.223.1641

UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH)

  • PHONE: 011.509.244.9650.9660
  • FAX: 011.509.244.9366/67

Kofi Annan's Special UN Envoy to Haiti: Mr. Juan Gabriel Valdes

UN Military Commander in Haiti: Lt. General Augusto Heleno Ribeiro Pereira

UN Commissioner for Human Rights in Haiti

Please Fax the MINUSTAH office Attention to the 3 listed above.
Better yet, send 3 separate letters addressing them individually

Contact the Haiti Action Committee for more information.

510.483.7481 -