Protest Haiti Coup Supporters’ Participation
in Washington DC Symposium
March 16, 2005
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Protest Haiti Coup Supporters’ Participation
in Washington DC Symposium

We the undersigned would like to protest the symposium on Haiti entitled "The Future of Democracy and Development in Haiti"; Ron Daniels and the group with whom he is affiliated, the Haiti Support Group, are sponsors of the symposium. The symposium is to take place March 17-18 in Washington, DC.

At a time when thousands of Haitians have been killed, disappeared or imprisoned without charge by an illegal coup regime, this symposium brings together prominent supporters of the coup and of the U.S.-sponsored opposition movement which made possible the removal of Haiti's democratically elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

The guest list for this symposium is packed with forces that actively undermined the democratic process in Haiti. This list includes representatives from the National Coalition for Haitian Rights, which spread false allegations against many, including Prime Minister Yvon Neptune; allegations, which were used to arrest and illegally detain him. Even as this symposium moves forward, the life of Prime Minister Neptune is at risk as a result of months in illegal detention, violent threats against him and now from a hunger strike protesting his detention and the detention of hundreds of other political prisoners.

Others attending the symposium include Chavannes Jean-Baptiste, who provided shelter and sustenance for armed militia led by Guy Philippe, whose armed gang ransacked northern Haiti before, during and after the coup period. Another participant is Frandley Julien, the leader of the anti-Aristide opposition in Cap-Haitien, which joined in violent attacks against Lavalas supporters during the terrible days preceding last February's coup. Gabriel Marcella from the U.S Army War College, who has argued for protectorate status for Haiti, also will be there. And the list goes on and on.

This is a time for supporters of Haiti to be clear. We cannot stand silently by while opponents of Haitian democracy spread disinformation and build division.

It is not possible to proclaim solidarity with the Haitian people while failing to denounce the brutal coup d'etat and occupation that has left Haiti a graveyard for human rights. It is not possible to support the Haitian people while giving credibility and a humane face to those who were active in removing the first democratically elected President of Haiti and in the repression that followed, destroying Haiti's democracy. One cannot proclaim friendship with the people of Haiti while failing to call for the return of democracy in Haiti, beginning with the physical return of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to his rightful, constitutional position.

We support the demands of the Haitian people, as articulated on March 14, 2005
by Fanmi Lavalas:

  1. Cessation of political persecution directed towards its members and supporters;

  2. Liberation of all political prisoners; (more)

  3. End of illegal arrests and summary executions
    (Over 10,000 Fanmi Lavalas supporters killed and more than 1,000 jailed
    since February 2004);

  4. Effective disarmament of groups and/or individuals illegally armed;

  5. Restoration of the constitutional order in Haiti by the physical return
    of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide; and

  6. Organization of free, honest and democratic general elections in Haiti

Since the coup, thousands of Haitians, beginning with women and children have been murdered, raped, put in prison. Many have sacrificed their lives fighting for these demands, which represent the only path towards the restoration of human rights and democracy in Haiti.

We invite you to stand with us in supporting the above demands and in protesting
the "Future of Democracy and Development in Haiti" symposium.

    • Jean-Yvon Kernizan
      Haitian Initiative for Democracy
    • Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine
      Fondasyon 30 Septanm
    • Alina Sixto
    • Fanm Viktim Leve Kanpe (FAVILEK)
      Women Victims Organization, Haiti
    • Pierre Hector
      Konbit pou Sove Ayiti, Haiti
    • Paulette Joseph, Cellule de Reflexion Base
      Fanmi Lavalas 11eme Departement
    • Pierre Labossiere
      Haiti Action Committee
    • Marguerite Laurent
      Haitian Lawyers' Leadership Network
    • Lavarice Gaudin
      Veye Yo
    • Lucie Tondreau
      Veye Yo
    • Rasanbleman Alye
      Fanmi Lavalas, Haiti
    • Eugenia Charles
      Fondasyon Mapou
    • Wilson Mesilien
      Fondasyon 30 Septanm
    • Haiti Women's Rights for Children's Rights, Haiti
    • Fritz Péan, Montréal
    • Julie Hoover
    • Marc Pilisuk
    • Wendy Ebersberger
    • Bill Fletcher
      President, TransAfrica
    • Danny Glover
    • Randall Robinson
    • Walter Riley - Attorney-at-Law
      Chair of Vanguard Public Foundation
    • Brian Concannon - Attorney-at-Law
      Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti
    • Margaret Prescod
      Women of Color in the Global Women's Strike
    • Andaiye
      Red Thread, Guyana
    • David Commissiong
      Clement Payne Society, Barbados
    • Kali Williams
      Malcolm X Grassroots Movement
    • Walter Turner, Host - Africa Today (KPFA)
      Chair - Global Exchange
    • Kim Ives
      Haiti Support Network (HSN)
    • Kay Coll - ssj/ HSNNE
    • Malaika Hodari Kambon
    • Willie & Mary Ratcliff
      San Francisco Bay View newspaper
    • Dominique Esser - photographer
    • Claude Marks
      The Freedom Archives


I support the pro-democracy Haitian community who protest "The Future of Democracy and Development in Haiti" Symposium to take place in Washington DC March 17-18; and I support the above stated demands.

Name/Individual or organization; Email: Telephone: Fax:

eMail info to

ALSO please contact the Haiti Support Project at (202) 397-1770 and voice your concerns about the symposium. Please let members of the Congressional Black Caucus know that you would appreciate their support of the above demands, and if they already do that you appreciate their efforts. Please let them know that you object to March 17-18 DC symposium.

For more information: or call (510) 483-7481.

Contact: Jean-Yvon Kernizan, 347-262-1818