Peaceful Lavalas Demonstration
Cap Haitien, Haiti



Another organizer of this demonstration who asked not be identified explained, "It was the Group184 and Apaid who twisted the violence following September 30th into further justifying our extermination. Everyone knows September 30th began as a peaceful protest that degenerated into violence after the UN stood by as police opened fire on the crowd. We, in Lavalas, categorically reject the assertions of Apaid's puppet Jean-Claude Bajeux, a so-called human rights activist, and the international press that there was ever any such campaign by our movement. It was a fabrication that feed the violence to justify our slaughter and we denounce those who use it to portray our movement as gangsters and bandits. Today we reclaim our right to peacefully demonstrate to demand the return of our constitutional President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

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