Sò Anne continues her work in Haiti's Jail
 May 21 2004

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"Lock Sister Anne up in prison and she will feed the prisoners."
©2004 Haiti Information Project - Sò Anne leading a song at the rally commemorating the First Anninversary of President Aristides Election - November 26, 2002. Frames from Kevin Pina Documentary: "We Will Bend But We Shall Not Break."

US Congesswoman Maxine Waters...

by Haiti information Project

May 21, 2004

Port-au-Prince - While on the outside the US Marines are trying to turn Haiti into a prison. Lavalas leader-Sò Anne-is using her time to organize inside the Penitentiary...

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©2004 Haiti Information Project - Sister Anne, Pro-Aristide Lavalas leader Annette Auguste (Sò Anne) at her arraignment while many demonstrators protest nearby demanding her release - May 13 2004

©2004 Haiti Information Project - Pro-Aristide demonstrators risk reprisal demanding the release of Lavalas leader Annette Auguste
Sister Anne-at her arrainment. - Port au Prince - May 13 2004
© 2003 Kim Ives - Sò Anne and her choir singing at the 2003 PPN Congress