Demonstrators risk reprisals in Port au Prince
 May 5 2004


Haiti Information Project

May 5, 2004
Port au Prince, Haiti

A spirited contingent of twelve brave souls belonging to Fondasyon 30 Septanm the September 30th Foundation, tested the political climate against what they call the "artificial reconciliation" offered by the Bush imported regime from Boca Ratan, the de facto Prime Minister Gerard Latorture. September 30th Foundation marched for hours today around the circular base of the monument of the Place de Martyrs just across from the nation's National Palace. They marched for several hours and were accompanied by three American citizens of the???

The September 30th Foundation organized the action knowing they risked violent intervention by the newly militarized Haitian National Police (PNH) and former elements of Haiti's abolished military hand in-hand with the CIA-trained paramilitary death squad the Front for Advancement and Progress in Haiti (FRAPH). Most of September 30th Foundation's members are victims of rape, beatings, and torture at the hands of these same forces that have now returned to Haiti with a vengeance. The current U.S.-installed de-facto government of Gerard Latorture recently praised these predators and thugs as "freedom fighters". Similar actions demanding justice since Aristide's ouster had been brutally repressed. as the march of March 11, 2004 where countless were injured and at least two persons confirmed persons shot at poinbt bloank range by the newly militarized police

One of the strongest voices advocating for justice and an end to political violence and impunity in Haiti is the September 30th Foundation. September 30th is a victim's rights organization which held regular vigils and marches at the Place de Martyrs in downtown Port au Prince every Wednesday morning. Their demands included reparations for victims who suffered atrocities perpetrated by the former Haitian military and the

The September 30th Foundation's coordinator, Pierre- Antoine Lovinsky, was forced into exile after the coup of February 29 due to threats against his life and family.