UN accommodates human rights abuses by police in Haiti




Many of the peaceful protesters on April 27, 2005 were shot in the back by the Haitian police as they tried to flee. Haitian police spokeswoman Gessy Cameau Coicou, who is by now widely ridiculed for always claiming that civilians killed by the Haitian police are all "bandits", declared that "only 2 persons were seriously injured during a gun battle with a police patrol" on April 27. She added the laughable notion that Lavalas activists who were killed "were not shot during a demonstration since police authorities had received no notice of a demonstration." The truth is the march was announced for several days before it took place on radio stations throughout the capital. What Coicou failed to disclose was that the courier with the official request for the permit to demonstrate on April 27 was beaten and arrested by the Haitian police when he tried to deliver it.

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