In Haiti 3,000 Lavalasien demonstrate on President Aristide's birthday                                  July 15 2004


In Haiti 3,000 Lavalasien demonstrate on
President Aristide's birthday

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July 15, 2004

© 2004 Haiti Information Project (HIP) Port au Prince, Haiti

The Police Nationale de Haiti (PNH) launched a preemptive strike in the poor slum of Bel Air in the middle of the night of July 13, 2004 in an effort to stop today's demonstartion demanding President Aristide's return. According to HIP Correspondent Lolo Reagan, "On July 13, 2004 in the middle of the night 10 young men who were living in Bel Air, a poor neighborhood where Lavalas remains the most powerful sector of the party, were arrested because these young men had always participated in these demonstrations and had mobilized the people to join them for the Fanmi Lavalas party." Despite this clear attempt at intimidation and harrasment, more then three thousand people joined the march which also commemorated President Aristide's 51st birthday.

Completely shunned and ignored by the international corporate media, the demonstartors assembled in Bel Air and then marched down to the Monument of the Constitution to press their point that the current U.S.-installed government is ruling without a democratic mandate from the Haitian people. They denounced the summary dismissal of more then 7000 elected officials swept into office in the May 18, 2000 national elections. These elected posts have since been filled by unelected appointees of the defacto Latorture government. The peaceful marchers also denounced what they described as a systematic campaign of political persecution and repression against the majority party Famni Lavalas. One demonstrtaor shouted, "What they could not win at the ballot box they have stolen with a coup. Now they are trying to keep their false power by attacking and arresting us. They can never kill and arrest all of us and we will never stop until our president is returned."

see slide show - 12 images

See also: Violent Repression of President Aristide's Legacy by Lolo Reagan - Street Children who supported President Aristide are still being imprisoned and killed by former military.

Lolo Reagan - Jounalist writing with the Haiti Information Project. Graduate of Fanmi Selavi - Aristide Orphanage - and former reporter with Radio Ti Moun

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