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Help with the RELEASE of Sò Anne and her music

A CD of Koral La de Sò Anne is currently in production. The profits from this music will go to the legal defense of Sò Anne.

It goes without saying - but we're saying it anyhow - that there are many different expenses that are associated with the production of a quality music release. Audio post-production, promotion expenses and the printing of a 16 page 4- color english/kreyol CD insert - by our favorite union printer - all add up.

The release of this music on the streets of Haiti this month will encourage the grass-roots movementthat is callin for the return...

Mail cash or checks to:

Haiti Action Committee

P.O. Box 2218
Berkeley, CA 94702


see also: Statement of Annette Auguste
from prison
- May 23 2004

This cover photo features a Lavalasien who was murdered by the U.S. Marines in Bel-Air a few days after this photo was taken
©2004 Haiti Information Project - Sister Anne, Pro-Aristide Lavalas leader Annette Auguste (Sò Anne) at her arraignment while many demonstrators protest nearby demanding her release - May 13 2004
©2004 Haiti Information Project - Sò Anne leading a song at the rally commemorating the First Anninversary of President Aristides Election - November 26, 2002. From Kevin Pina's Documentary: "We Will Bend But We Shall Not Break."
© 2003 Kim Ives - Sò Anne and her choir singing at the 2003 PPN Congress