Haiti: Dr. Maryse Narcisse and Delano Morel liberated this morning after ransom paid for both
October 31, 2007
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Haiti: Dr. Maryse Narcisse and Delano Morel liberated this morning after ransom paid for both

by Marguerite "Ezili Danto" Laurent, Esq.

Onč la sosyete,

Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN) has confirmed that Dr. Maryse Narcisse was liberated by her abductors this morning, along with her friend, Delano Morel. A ransom was paid for both.

Dr. Narcisse was kidnapped at gunpoint in front of her house, by a group of armed men, along with another passenger in her car, Mr. Delano Morel, on Saturday, October 26, 2007.

She returned safely to her family. And, as of this writing, we are told she is meeting with President Rene Preval discussing her ordeal of the last 4 days of captivity.

The family wishes to thank all who expressed concern and made phone calls, circulated our Urgent Action Alert and those who assisted them financially. A press release will be issued on her safe return soon.

HLLN especially wishes to thank, Amnesty International for stepping forward so quickly on this matter. We thank the folks at A World To Win, Pacific Press, IndyBay media, ForumHaiti and all the other Haitian outlets and Haitian and activist yahoo and other groups for their prompt and courteous posting and circulation of Ezili's HLLN Action Alert on the world wide web, almost as soon as it was written. (For example, http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2007/10/28/18456767.php ; http://www.pacificfreepress.com/content/view/1799/81/ ; http://www.forumhaiti.com/politique-haitienne-f3/alerte-sove-maryse-narcisse-t2 692.htm )

A especially thank you to the Haitian women who stood up all over Haiti and abroad. Thank you Madanm Fanon, Madanm Alina Sixto, Jacques Dossous, Pierre Florestal, Dahoud Andre, Lavarice Gaudin, Jean Pierre in Boston, (the whole Boston crew), Jafrikayiti, Magalie X, the whole Canada (Ottowa/Montreal)crew; the New York crew, Veye Yo of Miami, Harry Fouche out in Chicago, Pierre Labossiere, Mary and Willie Ratcliff of the San Francisco Bayview (sfbayview.com) and the entire California crew. Thank you one and all. Thanks Hazel and Randall Robinson. All this political pressure made a definite difference. Thanks to Carolyn Xamaic for reaching out.

We note, that the whereabouts of Lovinsky Pierre Antoine, still remains a mystery after more than two months.

Further details will be shared as we receive them.

Maximum respect to the HLLNetwork. It's a relief to share good news for a change.

"Men anpil chay pa lou."- Many hands make light a heavy load.

Marguerite "Ezili Danto" Laurent, Esq.
Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network
October 31, 2007 at 9:51 a.m. EST

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