AP leads CBC, eTaiwan and others subscribers of  its news feed to exaggerate and misrepresent the  facts in Haiti.                                     Oct 8 2004

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Texas television station exaggerates facts about recent violence in Haiti


Following violence in Haiti after September 30th, only three police men were claimed by the government to have been beheaded by armed gangs, not nine as KFDX of Wichita, Texas reports. Infraction: exaggeration of facts

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Thursday, October 14, 2004

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Tensions remain high throughout Haiti, where more than 40 people have been killed in the last few weeks. Haiti`s capital has been gripped by fear and violence for more than two weeks. The violence has led police and UN peacekeepers to undertake extensive door to door searches in various neighborhoods. Nine police officers were beheaded in what several armed gangs are calling Operation Baghdad.

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