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AP: false impression by omission


Three Lavalas representatives were arrested on Saturday after participating in a broadcast on Radio Caraibes FM in Port au Prince. During the course of the program, Former Deputy Roudy Hèrivaux, Senate Chairman Yvon Feuillè, and Senator Gerald Gilles denounced the violence and condemned the police for firing on unarmed demonstrators on September 30th.

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Gunfire erupts in Haiti capital: Political clashes have left at least 14 people dead

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Associated Press
Posted October 4 2004


Pro-Aristide groups criticized the arrests, saying police didn't have a warrant and had planted the weapons.

Infraction: false impression by omission

Omitted Information:


Radio Metropole, Radio Galaxy and Radio Signal FM

Evans Paul, leader of the Democratic Convergence and former military officer Himler Rebu have also criticized the arrests. Paul and Rebu were both on the program Ramase along with Former Deputy Roudy Hèrivaux, Senator Gerald Gilles, and Senate President Yvon Feuillè before they were arrested. The arrests were also publicly "condemned" by prominent Haitian attorney renald Georges who's also the leader of the ALLAH political party. Radio Caraibes suspended its broadcast indefinitely in protest.

None of this information is mentioned in any AP account of the arrests.