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CBC misrepresents the facts in Haiti


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) took AP's rendition of an encounter with a single armed individual in the slum of Bel Air and transformed it into "pro-Aristide factions." The AP report of a single individual screaming "We are going to kidnap some Americans and cut off their heads" is translated by the CBC into "pro-Aristide factions threatening to behead foreigners," thereby misrepresenting the facts.

Article Title:

Aristide supporters threaten continued violence in Haiti

News Organization:

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
World News Wednesday, Oct 06, 2004


The pro-Aristide factions took machetes, guns, rocks and bottles and roamed through a Port-au-Prince slum, threatening to behead foreigners.

Infraction: generalization, misrepresentation of the facts

Omitted Information:


Armed Men, Boys Block Port-Au-Prince Slum

Wed Oct 6, 4:22 PM ET

By AMY BRACKEN, Associated Press Writer One angry man in Bel Air thrust a gun into the face of an Associated Press reporter Wednesday, yelled expletives against President Bush and U.N. peacekeepers, then screamed: "We are going to kidnap some Americans and cut off their heads."

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