St. Petersburg Times
makes unsubstantiated claim on violence
June 23, 2005
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Haiti News Watch - June 23, 2005


The St. Petersburg Times made an unsubstantiated claim without citing a single source for the information. While the article attempted to provide a "forced balance" of the causes behind Haiti's violence, this statement enforced the mistaken impression that Aristide supporters are primarily to blame.

Article Title:

Danger arises from all quarters in Haiti
By DAVID ADAMS, Times Latin America Correspondent

St. Petersburg Times Published June 23, 2005 URL:


"Aristide loyalists have broadcast hit lists of their targets - bourgeois businessmen - on the radio."

Infraction: Unsubstantiated claim

Omitted Information:

Source: Polling of organizations and journalists monitoring radio programs in Haiti.

HNW contacted two human rights groups that frequently monitor radiobroadcasts in Haiti. Neither one had ever heard of such a list being read on the air in Haiti.

HNW contacted several leading journalists in Haiti who confirmed they had never heard of such a list being broadcast in Haiti.

Source: Miami Herald Posted on Thu, Jun. 23, 2005

Journalist flees Haiti for Miami


Quote: From Richard Widmaier, Owner Radio Metropole: ''We have a situation here that is more similar to what you see happening in Afghanistan and Iraq. It's terrorism,'' he said. ``You have guys who pretend to be supporters of former President Aristide, attacking people in the streets, burning cars and kidnapping people.''


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