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"Hidden from the Headlines"
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Haiti: After the Coup - April 2004

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"New Pamphlet Explodes Haiti Myths"

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This week in Haiti

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"New Pamphlet Explodes Haiti Myths"
from Haiti Progres

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"The U.S. government is engaged in a systematic campaign to vilify and overthrow Haiti's elected government. Millions of North Americans are either unaware of this assault or have swallowed a host of lies and distortions about Haiti being repeated regularly by the mainstream media..."

"...Smartly produced with graphics and photographs, the 16-page publication offers a concise riposte to the principal falsehoods that the mainstream media bandies about: that Haiti's press is silenced, that the opposition is repressed, and that human rights are systematically violated. 'The reality is that Haiti has largely eliminated the human rights violations of the dictatorship period and is now struggling with the human rights problems of a fledgling democracy,' the booklet states. 'While political violence continues egged on by the United States' attempts to destabilize the Haitian government there is no pattern of systematic state repression...'"

"...Perfectly designed as a publication you can stick in someone's hand at a demonstration or the water cooler to clear up multi-faceted mystification, the booklet often speaks directly to misguided maximalists and progressives distracted by secondary issues, such as Aristide's inevitable mistakes or shortcomings. "The United States is attacking Haiti's government and popular organizations not because Haiti is a compliant partner, but precisely because it represents an alternative to globalization and corporate domination," the HAC responds to doctrinaire critics..."

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