Persecution of Loulou Chery -Haiti labor leader
October 25, 2004
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Human Rights Alert:
Persecution of Loulou Chery
Haiti labor leader

Paul Loulou Chery, the General Coordinator of CTH (Coordination des Travailleurs Haitiens), one of the largest trade union group in Haiti, has reported the illegal visit to his house on October 18 by police officers.

Six armed police officers arrived at his house on Monday at around 11.00 am to ask about his whereabouts. Without any warrant or other explanation, they then proceeded to search his house, looking through his possessions and under mattresses.

A girl aged 13 who lived in the house was poked in her ribs with a gun.

CTH regroups 12 professional sectors of workers (peasants, artisans, teachers, construction workers, small businesses persons, health workers, press and communication professionals, public transport drivers, factory workers, cooperatives, tourism, and civil service) and represents at least 60 000 members. Moreover there are three commissions that work within CTS at the national level on working women (headed by Loulou's wife, Ginette), young workers and the respect for human rights.

Loulou Chery believes that the visit by the police to his house is within the systematic persecution currently being perpetrated against political and social activists who have decided not to follow the line of violence adopted by the current de facto government. According to him, this line, instead of dialogue and tolerance, promotes a policy of more violence, outright denial of civil liberties and human rights violations which includes the denial of labor rights.

He also believes that the police visit may be linked to the press conference himself and his colleagues gave last month to denounce the arbitrary arrests by the police and denial of the freedom of expression of nine members of REDCAP (Trade Union representing many airport workers) while they were holding a meeting at the CTH office in Port-au-Prince.

Since the visit by the police on Monday, Loulou Chery is no longer living at his house and has extensively restricted his freedom of movement. He fears that because of the sweep of arbitrary arrests that have been conducted lately against political and social activists, he might be subjected to the same or some other human right violation.

FAX OR CALL Ambassador James Foley and UN Officials in Haiti:

Demand that the US-installed authorities in Port-au-Prince cease their persecution
of Paul Loulou Chery, the CTH labor confederation and trade union activists!

Demand an end to impunity for human rights violations!

James B. Foley, U.S. Ambassador to Haiti

PHONE: 011-509-222-0354

FAX: 011-509-223-9665

UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH)

PHONE: 011-509-244.9650/9660

FAX: 011-509-244-9366/9667

** Kofi Annan's Special UN Envoy to Haiti: Mr. Juan Gabriel Valdes

** UN Military Commander in Haiti: Lt. General Augusto Heleno Ribeiro Pereira

** UN Commissioner for Human Rights in Haiti: Mahamane Cisse-Gouro

Please Fax the MINUSTAH office Attention to the 3 listed above. Better yet, send 3 separate letters addressing them individually.

Thanks to all of those who responded to the previous urgent action. You generated hundreds of faxes and calls to the U.S. Embassy and UN. According to our human rights monitors on the ground, your action helped the demonstrations (especially in Cap) to proceed without provocation.

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