President of Haiti sends his condolences to New Orleans
September 3, 2005
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President of Haiti sends his condolences to New Orleans

President Jean-Bertrand Aristide
Pretoria, South Africa

The historic ties between Haiti and Louisiana are rooted in its namesake land purchase occasioned by the Haitian Revolution. Today this connection has expanded. It finds new root in a shared human suffering caused by this week?s catastrophic storm and ensuing floods.

Our sincere condolences for the loss of life, injury, suffering and great pain that has befallen the people of the United States.

The grieving faces that we see so resemble the grieving faces of Haitians ? who have faced similar waters that swept away lives and engulfed tiny boats overloaded with people fleeing the political repression following the coup d?etat/kidnapping of February 29, 2004.

Human suffering transcends nationality, color, religion and class. It can leave no individual indifferent.

We reiterate our expression of sympathy in this time of pain.

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