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April 18, 2004
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Common Sense about Haiti

The War Against Civilisation Unless Mr Bush and his party seize power in the United States and remain in power for ever, prosecution and retribution are always in the offing, as the Chilean usurper/regicide Pinochet is now discovering. Jan 1 2006

Oliver Twist in Hong Kong The Haitian revolution began a 200 year long process of decolonisation which is ending, as it began, with the Haitians struggling to free themselves from slavery. They were not defeated by force of arms but by compound interest Dec 18

Obituary: The Late (not-so-Great) King Sugar outside of the "parasitic elite" the effects of the sugar industry has not been so sweet to any of the countries where it was grown. Behind the devastation of the last 500 years is the tale of slavery, economic and environmental devastation, and disease — as a result of sugar addiction. Jamaica Observer columnist John Maxwell says, "Get a Life!" Nov 26

Vandalism and Slavery COMMON SENSE 498 - I have become convinced that the real motive for the two hundred years war against Haiti by France and the United States arise from the simple fact that the Haitians were the first people in the world to abolish slavery - their own - and then go on to proclaim universal human rights. Although France and the US in their revolutions had proclaimed the Rights of Man, it was the Haitians who first promulgated them.

Losing New Orleans # 481 - One of the places where Mr Bush is spreading democracy is Haiti, tied by history and culture to New Orleans in a way few other countries are. It is now tied by another bond: catastrophe following the decapitation of democracy. Sep 4 2005

Terror and Justice #475 – Many people believe that writing a column is duck soup. You just think of something that intrigues, concerns or provokes you in some way, sit down and blast off. It isn't that simple; and it can be a horribly frustrating job. July 17 2005

The Politics of Ersatz Gentility #467 - It wasn't a good week for US foreign policy, nor was it a good a good week for George Bush. It wasn't a good week for Jamaica and it certainly wasn't a good week for Haiti. May 22 2005

The Company They Keep # 462 Jamaica Observer Columnist, John Maxwell, just wanted to talk to the UN official that was on BBC about human rights in Haiti. Not high on their agenda. What is important to the US puppets in the United Nations is assassinating Dred Wilme. John Bolton is probably not interested in talking to John either. Apr 23 2005

Not Waving but Drowning # 455 Once again, the USA denigrates the victims of its foreign policy when, it seems, that it would be much easier to use it's vast wealth and power to bring the third world into a brighter era. Jamaican Observer columnist, John Maxwell doesn't see much hope on the horizon, if the recent Bush appointees are any indication of the Empire's designs. March 6 2005

Hearts of Stone # 453 My column today is not written by me, but consists mainly of excerpts from a report of an investigation undertaken by a team from the University of Miami's Center for the Study of Human Rights. "…Labanye has a large United States flag draped in front of his headquarters under which he forces victims to kneel and beg for their lives before killing them." Feb 20 2005

Open Letter to our Prime Minister # 445 As I wrote ten years ago, Jamaica has treated Haiti, our sister, as the Levite treated the man in the parable who fell among thieves, was robbed, beaten and left for dead on the road to Jericho. Feb 12 2005

Can Freedom Wear Jackboots?
COMMON SENSE # 444 - Jan 30 2005

Gutlessness Mr K.D. Knight, MP QC Minister of Foreign Affairs, can preen himself on his cosy chat with the American ambassador to the OAS, John Maisto. Maisto's predecessors are, from the available evidence, dedicated racists like their former boss, Jesse Helms, co-author of the Helms Burton Act. Dec 19 2004

Blood On Their Hands # 441 - writing from Jamaica, John Maxwell has picked up the scent, "Sometimes I have the strange sensation that I can smell the blood of Haiti from here." But is that smell the same as the U.S. vote thrown into the garbage? It may just be what the world's elite call "The Smell of Money." Nov 12 2004

A Lobotomy For Democracy
COMMON SENSE 439 - Nov 7

The Man Eaters of Haiti

A Toast to the American Press "Constitutional amendments were passed to protect the Freedom of the Press, without which, it is held, democracy cannot exist. In America, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press have established beachheads of privilege which give the press more protection than exists in any other country on earth. Despite these protections, the American people are now less free than at any time in their history, including their history as British subjects." Oct 17

Zombies a Go-Go #433 Recently in a conversation to one of our friends, Pierre was concerned about the safety of the activists in Haiti who have seen deadly repression at several non-violent demonstations this year. "Nou deja mouri, nou pa ka pè santi..." was the response ("We're already dead, we can't be afraid of how we smell"). Once again, John Maxwell, provides an ontological analysis of Haitian history to show that the USA's version of "democracy" also overthrew the vital Civil Defense structure that would have saved many of the lives lost as a result of Tropical Storm Jeanne September 26, 2004

Under the Gun "For me, nothing better epitomises the inter-connectedness of everything than a hurricane." John Maxwell writing from Kingston, Jamaica provides a lesson in the physics and politics of this "Extremely Dangerous" Hurricane Ivan. For the People Haiti the relief efforts will be extremely unfair. September 11, 2004

Rumble in the Jungle - One can almost smell the link between Ira Lowenthal and Karl Rove... Just as the "progressives" were infiltated to assist with the destabilization of pre-coup Haiti, John Maxwell writes about the polarizing influence of violent homophobia on Jamaica's dancehall scene. Is he a bit overly optimistic about the voter's ability to overcome the Republican spin (or do I mean spin?)? "The US Administration speaks about progress in Afghanistan and Iraq, but never about Haiti. It appears to be ashamed of what has happened there." As Hurricane Ivan approaches the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Jamaica this week John Maxwell tries to keep us focused on the Other Storm's advance.Dancehall rules for Haiti - September 5 2004

The Anti-Bouckman League - The gang now running Haiti seem to have tired of their 'Democracy' game. The charade is over, they seem to say, we can now display our true colours -; because we know that the most important members of CARICOM are going to recognise us and legitimise us. Aug 22 2004

Invisible men - August 15 2004 - It's from the Tobacco producing states where the hatred for liberation struggles seem to have a core. The U.S. is promulgating Blindness of the Heart in it's citizens as it forges ahead, killing hope everywhere it lands. Lung cancer is the legacy of Jesse Helms tenure. Progressive columnist John Maxwell points to the irony that Cuba has developed a vaccine that provides hope for chain-smokers. It's the persistence of the progressive voices that will bring honor to the human family if we can give real hope back to the People of Haiti -; who led all of us away from the slavery of the past.

Is there Oil in Haiti? Aug 1

In Defense of the Disinherited - July 4 2004 - We have the power to move the conscience of the world, of humanity. We have the power to make a big difference to the lives of the Haitian people and of the oppressed all over the world. What we need to do is to bring to bear the pressure of world public opinion, to relight the fire that the Jamaican Bouckman lit in 1793, to make it impossible for Haiti to be subjugated once again by stealth, by deceit and double dealing and treachery in the service of racism and greed.

An Ozymandias Moment - May 2 2004 - while the delusional U.S collective conscience is still struggling with the prevalent 9/11 PTSD question 'Why do they hate us?' Jamaica Observer columnist, John Maxwell, takes us through the recent Bush election-year manuvers in Iraq. One year after claiming "mission accomplished," the polls are slipping away for George. Meanwhile, Haiti's own George Bush protegé, Guy Phillipe, now desires to hire the pollsters to prepare his own murderous run for the President of Haiti. John claims that this phenomenon is 'Democracy by Bush.'

Blood-soaked Bureaucrats - April 25 2004 - as Louis Jodel Chamblain was escorted to the Justice Ministry in Port au Prince by the Justice Minister himself-;Bernard Gousse-;so Chamblain could surrender on camera. No one who was watching the scene really believes that this FRAPH death squad leader will ever see justice. While his victims are being persecuted-;once again-;the People of Haiti no longer have anyone in the Haitian government to turn to. The U.S. powers have already sent the message that they will stand by-;along with the OAS and the UN-;as REPRESSION finds its deadly stride.

The Circular World of Colin Powell - April 11 2004 - just yesterday a HAC member-;Ted Marchand-;stated that with Colin Powell, today blacks have finally obtained one of the last trophys exclusive to white privilege; "This Year Colin Powell has become the biggest LIAR in the Whole Wide World." Besides coining the term "Ninja Tortues," John Maxwell shows that Colin Powell has taken on the role of Frank Carlucci with Lamumba. Also, the USA has threatened every member of CARICOM with pressure in the "months ahead."

Building Utopia on a Garbage Heap - Apr 4 2004 - what will be "one lie too many" for the Bush Administration? John Maxwell reveals that as the spinmeisters are busy trying to keep a lid on the 9/11 lies, Robert Novak spins for the Boca Raton Regime and Ira Lowenthal scouts Jamaica to be the next stepping stone...

'We Ugly! But We Here!' - Mar 21 2004 -In subliminal counterpose to the term "the Ugly American," Haitians have a saying; 'Nou Lèd, Men Nou La!' John Maxwell exposes how the UN and the Bush Administration were complicit in the criminal overthrow one of the few democratically elected governments in the World that had the overwhelming support of its citizens.

The end of nationhood - Feb 1 2004

The Cannibal Army - Feb 8 2004

Imagine ! Niggers Speaking French !!! - Jan 7 2004 - John Maxwell is convinced that US policy towards Haiti is rooted in ancient prejudices and misconceptions. In the first of three recent articles on Haiti, he instances this prejudice with a 80 year old quotation from William Jennings Bryan, Woodrow Wilson's Secretary of State, who when requested to intervene in Haiti expressed his astonishment in an infamous phrase

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