U.S. Congressional Bills on Haiti

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Current U.S. Congessional Bills on Haiti

The Haiti Action Committee supports the following two congressional bills on Haiti and requests that people contact their representative in the US Congress. Urge representatives to sign onto the bills and thank them if have already cosponsored the bills. Write your representative

1. House Concurrent Resolution 78 (H.C.R.78), the "Haiti Aid In Transition Initiative" (HAITI), sponsored by Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) was introduced on March 5, 2003. A "Dear Colleague" letter dated March 6 urging cosponsors to sign on to the bill is currently being circulated in Congress with 47 cosponsors.

H.C.R. 78 calls for release of $146 million dollars in humanitarian assistance, calls for a review of the Administration's Haiti policy, and call upon the establishment of a staff monitoring program with the IMF for Haiti. For more details: www.house.gov/lee

2. House Resolution 1108 (H.R. 1108), the "Access to Capital For Haiti Development",
Sponsored by Maxine Waters (D-CA) was introduced on March 5, 2003. A "Dear Colleague" letter urging cosponsors to sign on to the bill was sent out on March 6. The bill currently has 16 cosponsors.

H.R. 1108 will require the Secretary of the Treasury to direct the US Executive Director at the Inter-American Development Bank to use the voice, vote and influence of the US to urge the immediate resumption of lending to Haiti. ($146 million in approved loans, $317 million in additional loans and access to $50 million more for investment sector).
Maxine Waters' website: www.house.gov/waters.