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Pierre LaBossiere

Special interview with Haitian activist

with Sue Supriano

Pierre La Boissiere, himself Haitian and an activist for many years in the U.S., speaks about the present situation in Haiti. The first part of the interview is part of a speech he gave at a rally in San Francisco on March 1, 2004, and the second part is an interview with Sue Supriano. He gives some background with regard to the past U.S. involvement in Haiti and the track record of democratically elected, President Aristide. He had just translated Aristide's phone message to the Haitian people the same day of the interview and speaks about the kidnapping of President Aristide by the U.S. military. La Boissiere also describes the conditions of life for most people in Haiti and the amazing positive improvements (building of schools, literacy, parks, etc.) Aristide was able to do even though the U. S. prevented money promised from being delivered to Haiti.

Photo: ©2003 Scott Braley