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9/11 for Jamaica - About 60 miles from Kingston the progress of Ivan stalled at about 10:00 PM last night and veered west along the coast. While this saved the inland areas of Jamaica from the total devastation - of passing under the eye of this "Extremely Dangerous" storm - it meant that the storm also stayed over Kingston a lot longer as it stopped and changed to a westerly course raking along the southern coast to Montego Bay, dumping even more flooding in the southern exposure than was expected. See infrared enhancement from 6PM last night (below)

The projected path - black icons above from the USN forecast of 0600 - shows that IVAN is headed for Havana. However - if you read the John Maxwell column for 9/11 - Ivan's voracious appetite for power, the resistance of Cuba and the high pressure zone building in Florida, could just send this extemely dangerous storm closer, on a path, to Crawford, Texas.


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Sept 10 - Ivan hits Jamaica full-on. This Satellite image (above) taken at 10:45 PM - Haiti Time
Sept 9 2004 - Satellite image of Hurricane Ivan as of 10:00 AM
this morning - Haiti Time

From: NRL Monterey Marine Meteorology Division (Code 7500) Tropical Cyclone Page - 09L.IVAN, VIS1KM,  09 SEP 2004 1500Z -

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