Tropical Storm Bertha strengthens as it approaches Haiti
July 5, 2008
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Tropical Storm approaches haiti

Tropical Storm Bertha strengthens as it approaches Haiti

Haiti — Port au Prince, Haiti — Tropical Storm Bertha is forecast to reach hurricane strength over the weekend and travel north of Haiti by Thursday, July 10. However, if the strength of the Subtropical Ridge WNW of the storm doesn't lift as expected, it could still steer Bertha on a more southerly direction, putting Haiti directly into its path.

Bertha "struggled a bit" during the last 24 hours according to the National hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami, Florida. The NHC intensity forecast is now for the tropical storm — currently at 50 to 60 mph — to reach hurricane strength (74mph+) within 72 hours as it moves over warmer waters.

Hurricane Bertha will be the first tropical cyclone of the 2008 Hurricane season to threaten Haiti. It has been predicted to be a busy hurricane season this year. There is another tropical cyclone forming about three days behind Bertha below the Cape Verde Islands that could develop into a tropical depression soon. Conditions in that region are favorable for tropical cyclone formation and would become Tropical Storm Cristobal once the winds reach a sustained speed of 39mph, or more.

The suitability of Haiti's government to deal with natural disasters has been called into question since the civil unrest which led to the country's parliament firing of Prime Minister Eduoard Alexis April 12. Currently, President René Preval has nominated his third candidate — Michele Pierre-Louis — for the office of Prime Minister.


Haiti watches approach of Hurricane Bertha July 7 — Haiti — Port au Prince, Haiti — Hurricane Bertha has reached "Caregory 3" and is less than 1400 miles from the New USA Embassy Compound in Haiti. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami expects the fast moving hurricane to reach Category 2 by this evening. Bertha is forecast to change its westward march across the Atlantic (285°) and gently curve northward and slightly east of Bermuda. At this time NHC predicts that there is less than a 5% chance that Haiti will see winds in excess of 40mph from the storm. [ click here for full article ]

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