Haiti waits in fear for Hurricane Ike
September 6, 2008
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Haiti waits in fear for Hurricane Ike

"IKE is now an extremely dangerous Category FOUR hurricane…" and will scrape the northern region of Haiti with tropical storm force winds according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami, Florida. Massive rainfall amounts could reach up to 20 inches in the mountains and will cause further life-threatening flash floods and mudslides to the storm drenched area. It is also possible that IKE could strengthen further over the next three days.

If Hurricane IKE wanders further south than the forecast track it could spell further devastation in a Country that has already seen more casualties from tropical cyclones, than all other affected countries combined, during the 2008 Hurricane season. In contrast, the cash-strapped and economically isolated country of Cuba has seen no deaths at all even though Hurricane Gustav tore across the island at Category 4 strength (135mph).

For sure, the coastal city of Gonaïves will not know the full impact of the devastation caused by Hurricane Hanna — just three days ago — before the flood waters rise again. Currently, the center of the storm is 60 miles east of Grand Turk Island and is forecast to pass less than 100 miles North of Haiti's coastline. With hurricane force winds extending outward up to 60 miles and tropical storm force winds 150 miles, the towns and cities along the northern coast could be severely affected.

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Storm surge flooding along with dangerous battering waves could inundate the exclusive Labadee resort which would cause major economic impact on the region beyond what is being felt already. The loss and damage to food crops from storms FAY, GUSTAV, HANNA and now IKE will be impossible to recover from.

Haiti's President Rene Preval is fearful about the impact these storms will have for years to come. The government has been destabilized by a recalcitrant minority that only just allowed the new Prime Minister, Michele Pierre-Louise, to fill the ministerial departments after five months of stonewalling.


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