Deadly Hurricane IRMA will hit Haiti this Thursday. JOSE not far behind

Sep 4, 2017
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Hurricane IRMA - 4 Sep 2017 1945Z - Location: 16.7 N - 53.9 W - Winds: 115 knots - Central Pressure: 944mb

This dangerous hurricane is followed closely by another tropical cyclone that will, likely take a slightly more southern track. Currently identified as 94L Invest it could become Storm JOSE in the next 48 hours if it strengthes.

Image courtesy of US Naval Research Lab

Deadly Hurricane IRMA will hit Haiti this Thursday. JOSE not far behind

Monday,Sep 4 - The official forecast track can change significantly over the next 48 hours - Tabarre, Haiti - Since the US financed Coup d’État of February 29, 2004 Haiti’s civil defense capacity has never been in worse shape to handle the perennial natural disasters that hit the country. To put it simply, Haiti is not prepared for what may come this Thursday as the strongest Hurricane of the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season is forecast to travel 74mi above Cap Haitien which means that, hurricane force winds are likely to scrape across the northern coast of the country. There is another tropical cylclone forming a couple days behind IRMA that could become Storm JOSE over the next two days.

Category 4 Hurricane IRMA is 1300 miles from Port au Prince and most forecast models have the storm tracking straight to Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba. The humble residents of Cuba’s north coast Islands are likely to fare better than the prosperous residents of Houston as Cuba’s robust civil defense program is already underway to evacuate even the most remote residents from harms way. Hurricane IRMA is strengthening and could pass the maximum Category 5 on the Saffir-Simpson scale. Only one forecast track — CLP5 — has IRMA curving to the north and headed straight for 45’s White House. However, these hurricanes have no obligation to obey the computer generated models, they go where they will. It is entirely possible that IRMA could track just South of Antigua, not curving at all and head straight into the Central Caribbean. The next 48 hours could see significant change to the current computer models.

The National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida will have the latest updates in the English language. For French (why not Kreyol?) go to Haiti’s own Centre national de météorologie. For Spanish, Cuba’s own INSMET site is best has a Tropical Cyclone page that link to all of these resources and many more. No pop-up advertising to waste your time and no clickbait links to get you distracted. If you want to donate to our work, many in Haiti thank you in advance. will closely monitor the development of these conditions and provide an update on this page if needed.


BOOKMARK the Haiti Tropical Cyclone Page for latest updates during this hurricane season.

View the latest observations near IRMA will be tracking the progress of this storm. For the latest official updates, go to the Centre National de Météorologie (CNM) web page Many forecast and tracking resources can be found on the Tropical Cyclone page at

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