Hurricane fears in Haiti as Storm LORENZO forms in the Atlantic

October 12, 2013
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</td The GOES satellite (vapor) image show the disorganized area of this storm

Hurricane fears in Haiti as Storm LORENZO forms in the Atlantic - Port au Prince, Haiti — Fears that a hurricane could hit Haiti soon were raised today as a disorganized mass of convection formed in Hurricane Alley. Over the next week hurricane watchers will be closely following the progress of this storm system — currently identified as “Invest 98L.” The winds are very close to tropical storm intensity. However, due to the lack of complete closed circulation and the likelihood that the system will become less defined as in heads into significant wind shear over the next 48 hours it is unlikely that the NOAA would be inclined to give the storm system the next name —LORENZO — until it passes that region.

Earthquake fears were also raised this morning as the Enriquillo–Plantain Garden fault zone became a bit active with a 4.1 tremor that woke up many this morning; centered 25 miles East of the Barahona town of Enriquillo. It was likely felt in Jacmel and Petionville. This is the same fault zone that was responsible for the disastrous January 12, 2010 Haiti Earthquake. will be following the progress of this storm as it is likely to threaten Haiti. There is no clear consensus over the various computer forecast models, which will — in all likelihood — be shifted westward over the next 72 hours as the effects of the steering currents become more apparent to the algorithms. For now this forecast is expecting that the storm will dissipate soon, if it does reform in a couple of days, the center of the storm could move near Barbados and into the Central Caribbean before taking the typical late season U-turn and heading north into the same region as this morning’s temblor.

For now the more official expectations are that the storm will turn northerly over the next 72 hours and miss the Windward Islands altogether. The North Equatorial Two NOAA buoy will be a good front row seat to the current storm conditions over the next two days — as it is currently reporting sustained winds over 25mph and dropping barometric pressure.


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View the latest observations near LORENZO when/if it forms will be tracking the progress of this storm. For the latest official updates, go to the Centre National de Météorologie (CNM) web page Many forecast and tracking resources can be found on the Tropical Cyclone page at

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