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Rev. Father Gerard Jean-Juste

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Reverend Father Gerard Jean-Juste

Rev. Father Jean-Juste standing at the site of the new chapel he's building - St. Jude's Chapel.  Photo: Margaret Trost

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Pér Jean-Juste with Randall White (Editor, HaitiAction.net) and Sister Maureen Duignan (Director, East Bay Sanctuary Covenant)
Pér Jean-Juste with Dr. Paul Farmer - Sept 9 2006

Part 1
Mon Père, Remembrances of Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste
May 29 2009

Pèr Jean Juste: Personal remembrances - Respè
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Murder charges against Haiti's priest, Father Jean Juste, are dropped Jun 28 2008

Haiti's invisible "Big Boss" is keeping Father Jean-Juste in Prison Jan 23 2006

Father Jean-Juste thanks the US Congessmembers for their support Dec 19 2005

Messages from Father Jean-Juste in Haiti prison: Njera Njeri Penitentiary Aug 10 2005

Haiti prisoner Father Jean-Juste denied medical treatment by coup government Aug 23 2005

The UN, US, France and Canada support draconian laws and a "fascist" movement in Haiti
Aug 23

29 Members of Congress pressure Bush for the release of political prisoner Father Gerard Jean-Juste Aug 12 2005

Attacks Against Rev. Gérard Jean-Juste on March 24 and 25, 2005

Haiti church fired on during radio interview with Father Jean-Juste March 25 2005

Haiti Action Committee & What If? Foundation invite you to an evening with Father Gerard Jean-Juste of Port-au-Prince Jan 29 2005 - Berkeley CA

Haitian Police Open Fire on Nonviolent March for Democracy by Bill Quigly Feb 28 2005

They Can Take My Body,But Not My Soul! Interview with Father Gerard Jean-Juste in hiding - 1992

Father Jean-Juste in Isolation & New Charges Update from Father Jean Juste's co-counsel Bill Quigley Jul 24 2005

Catholic Priest arrested in Haiti - Listen to Father Jean-Juste on Flashpoints as he's being arrestedPort au Prince, Haiti (HIP) Heavily armed units of the Haitian National Police (PNH) arrested Catholic priest Gerard Jean-Juste today at his parish of St. Claire in the poor neighborhood of Petite Place Cazeau. The U.S.-backed government of Gerard Latortue accused Father Jean-Juste of importing arms and harboring gunmen in his parish. Oct 13 2004

Masked Haitian Police Shoot Children While Arresting Priest Oct 21, 2004

Illegal Arrest of Catholic Priest, Rev. Gérard Jean-Juste Oct 13 2004

Congresswomen Maxine Waters
Letter to Colin Powell to protect the life of Father Gerard Jean-Juste Oct 13 2004

Haiti's Rev. Gerard Jean-Juste to hold his first New York Press Conference since his release after six weeks as a political prisoner in Haiti Dec 14 2004

Haiti: Political Prisoner Rev. Gérard Jean-Juste Released Nov 29 2004

Haitian Priest Jailed Indefinitely for 40 Cent Crime Oct 20 2004

Tearing up the Charter: UN's Erosion Continues in Haiti Flashpoints Radio's Dennis Bernstein Interviews Kevin Pina and Brian Concannon Oct 18 2004

Pèr Jean Juste: Personal remembrances - Respè
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